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Taking juicing to the next level

Owners of the Source Juicery are, from left, Chrissy Stevens, Michelle Motley and Lisa Hudson.

Owners of the Source Juicery are, from left, Chrissy Stevens, Michelle Motley and Lisa Hudson.

By JULIA BIGGS jbiggs.edwi@gmail.com | Posted: Saturday, April 9, 2016 9:21 am

Owners of the Source Juicery are, from left, Chrissy Stevens, Michelle Motley and Lisa Hudson.
Happy, healthy and whole – that’s the goal of Source Juicery, a new business located on Main Street in Edwardsville that serves cold-pressed juice, all-natural smoothies and healthy food to-go.
Local residents and owners Michelle Motley, Lisa Hudson and Chrissy Stevens joined together and opened Source Juicery at 220 North Main St. in Edwardsville on March 1.

Motley explained how the trio came together as business partners. “About a year ago, I was planning on opening a fresh juice business. The more I started telling people about it, I had a couple of people say, ‘Oh you’ve got to meet Lisa Hudson. She’s thinking about doing the same thing.’ So I actually reached out to her in a Facebook message,” Motley recalled. “We met and had a lot of the same ideas about the business so we decided to work together as partners.”

“I’ve been juicing for over 10 years from home and it’s not an easy thing to do for one person. Clean up and all the grocery shopping and all the work behind it definitely made it seem like it was more efficient to do for a group and there’s nothing in the area so decided to do it,” Motley added. “Chrissy Stevens joined us along the way because we really wanted to offer healthy food options and she’s a chef and had all the training.”
Stevens worked as a chef at Cleveland Heath for about three years before recently leaving to help out with her husband’s family business – Market Basket. Stevens is currently balancing her time with her responsibilities at the deli at Market Basket and the Source until she can fully commit her time to the Source which, she noted is a place where she “feels at home. This is the way I like to eat, and I love the healthy lifestyle anyway so this is definitely more of my realm,” Stevens noted.
The Source Juicery menu offers 12 ounce juice, but this isn’t a sugary, grocery-story type juice. The Source creates cold-pressed juice using a hydraulic press to crush and press whole fruits and vegetables. The process extracts the freshest form of juice that is loaded with vitamins, minerals and the nutrients. There’s no processing, no preservatives and no sugars added.

Juice options include the popular Sweet Green that is made of spinach, cucumber, pineapple, pear and lime. Other juice varieties include the Clean Green, Up Beet and Carrot Cake. Sound healthy? It is. “We do use a lot of things like ginger and turmeric in our juices which, are two things that have a lot of health benefits – whether it’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral or anti-inflammatory,” Motley said. “As far as health benefits, I think when you drink juice, not only do you gain the immediate effects of the nutrients you’re getting, but it also can make you mindful about healthy eating and that can spill into more of your diet if you’re making that healthy choice in your day.”

Have a picky one that is adverse to trying a true juice or possibly a green colored juice? “Definitely try our Sweet Green because I think anybody that is new to green juice will be pleasantly surprised by the flavor. There is pineapple and pear in it that sweeten it up real nice however we do squeeze a lot of greens into that jar so you get that kind of energy and refreshing feeling that you get after a jar of green juice,” Motley stressed. “But the Sweet Green is a good gateway juice – is what we call it. It gets people into that green juice and maybe they’ll go from there and keep trying other things. I have four kids and all four of them will drink it. So I’m like, if it passes that test.”
The Source Juicery also has six, 12 ounce smoothy varieties such as the Spice Girl Crush featuring apple juice, strawberries, basil and cayenne or PB Plus made with almond milk, peanut butter, chocolate whey protein and banana. Four Power Smoothy varieties, such as the Early Bird made with cold brew coffee, almond milk, low-fat Greek yogurt, chai, spinach, banana, and vanilla whey protein, come in 16 ounce sizes. There are also three other Power Smoothy varieties on the menu.

Breakfast items such as Overnight Oats and The Perfect Parfait as well as several lunch items like the Seasonal Detox Salad, Cleveland-Heath Kale Salad and the Quinoa Bowl provide healthy to-go options. “All of our food items are pre-packaged and made ahead and they are kind of designed to offer a healthy option on the go,” Motley explained. “Whether you want to grab it in the morning to have at the office for lunch or if you wanted to just come in and pick it up something that was ready to go. So we do have all of our items ready to go.”
“A quinoa bowl is probably our most popular bowl,” Motley added about the lunch options. “We have a ginger sesame salad which is on spinach, and we have lots of spiralized veggies here.”

The Source Juicery is currently gluten-free, and although it does plan to offer items in the future that may contain gluten, Motley stressed that they will remain focused on having many options for those who want gluten-free.
Each day the Source Juicery offers a daily juice special of a colored juice as well as one that is green. Also daily specials of salads and bowls will be featured that are available in addition to the regular menu.

The Source Juicery focuses on convenience but is also interested in sustainability. “We do have a jar program in place where you pay 50 cents you can leave for the first time with a jar and if you can bring it (the jar) back, there’s no deposit on the next jar,” Motley said.
The Source Juicery is open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Visit www.sourcejuicery.com for a full menu or visit their Source Juicery Facebook page. They can also be reached at 618-650-9080.